ONACASH, the wallet we have all been waiting for.

send and receive money and make payments to and from Zimbabwe.

Sending and receiving money shouldn't be too expensivee.
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Send And Receive Money.

Send and receive money from and to Zimbabwe at very low rates. Get your money delivered and avoid those boring queues.

Quicker and simpler access to funds.

Payments you receive go to your ONACASH balance in moments, and you can withdraw funds to your bank account.

Sell on your website with your currency

Accept payments from customers in any currency of your choice including cryptocurencies and build markets without the hassle of accepting foreign cards.

ONACASH will save you some dollars

Reduce costs that are associated with online transactions by using the most trusted wallet.

  • Instant Transfers

    Send money instantly.

  • Multiple Currencies

    Send and receive money in currencies of your choice USD, ZAR, BITCOIN, ZWD, GBP etc.

  • Transparency

    You have the right to see your transaction history. Do not let anyone make you pay for that.

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The most convinient digital wallet platform.

  • -- Send Money
  • -- Receive Money
  • -- Unlimited Withdrawal/Deposit Methods
  • -- Create Vouchers
  • -- Load Vouchers
  • -- Currency Exchange
  • -- Unlimited Currencies
  • -- Lowest Transfer Fees
  • -- Online Wallet

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